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E-Mail Usmailto:bowlinggeneral@neb.rr.com?subject=Inquiry%20From%20BowlingArtWorks.com
E-Mail Usmailto:bowlinggeneral@neb.rr.com?subject=Inquiry%20From%20BowlingArtWorks.com


12” x 14” bowling lane triangle shaped base with 4” pins in white or natural. You pick the color of the 2” wood ball:  black, red, natural, blue, green, yellow or you pick a color.  Made with a true strike or have your strike custom made from the left side or in the center.

It can be one of the most unique tournament awards or just hang it on the wall in your rec room. The strike can be laser engraved with any personal or tournament info.

No Engraving


Laser Engraved


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